Alice and the Lamas - Jacqueline Pitman
Auction Catalogue, Roverius Ansgar Auctioneers, Amsterdam Thursday November 13, 2019
Bharati Kapadia - Bridge
Bharati Kapadia - Whirling Eddy
Claudio Santini - Masseria Cacatosto
Claudio Santini - Treadwell Residence
Deborah Butterfield Metal Horse
Falling Star IV - Jimmy Pike
Frozen Music, Walt Disney Concert Series, #17
Honore Daumier depicting two reclining Men around town
Honore Daumier Lithograph #1
Price on Request
Honore Daumier depicting a Dandy at his closet
Honore Daumier Lithograph #2
Price on Request
Jacqueline Pitman - Angel And Spinning Boy
Jacqueline Pitman - Bad Weather
Jacqueline Pitman - Pin Up
Jules Feiffer Cartoon - "Child's Weapon"
Keep It Easy - Field Garthwaite
Las Vegas, New Mexico, Looking East from Myles Sweeney's Chevrolet Impala, July 1987 - Alex Harris
Magdalena Abakanowicz Sculpture
Man in the Desert - Jimmy Pike
Maria - Princess Maria Of Buenos Aires
Michael Mcmillen
Michael Mcmillen
$ 5,000.00
Primary One - Field Garthwaite
Shoshone Spirit Rapids #1 - Ernest Garthwaite
The Good Button Chest
The Good Button Chest
$ 20,000.00
Victor Kulbak Silver Point Drawing #1
Victor Kulbak Silver Point Drawing #2
Watching Time, The Hare and the Maori Warriors - Jacqueline Pitman
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