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Female Moba
Female Moba
$ 10,000.00
New Guinea lintel
Omu Asmat Sculpture
Omu Asmat Sculpture
$ 10,000.00
A Hopi Kachina Doll "Sip-Ikine"
An Ibibio "deformation" mask
Indian Relief panel carved in stone
A drilled pendant, rock crystal, France, circa 6,500 BC, dolmen culture
Libyan Glass Point
Libyan Glass Point
$ 6,200.00
California Maidu basket with bird like design
Large, Superb Old Naga NE India Headhunter Granary Door
Native American prehistoric stone bowl
A Plains Indian Parfleche bag of buffaloe or rawhide,
African Move #19
"Micoquian" Ficron Hand Axe, Mauritania, Lower Paleolithic
chopper from the terraces of Garonne, France
California prehistoric Chumash pipe
Taino curved axe from the ancient Antilles
Taino Knobbed Axe
$ 3,000.00
Very Large French Chopper, Garonne
Yoruba Stool, Nigeria Wood And Traces Of Old Pigment Circa 1930.
Chumash Indian stone anchor
Taino curved axe from the ancient Antilles
Superb Millingimbi Island, Central Arnhem Land Bark Painting
Large Senufo Door - Chief’s Staff
French hand axe, with cortex handle, and black stone
Southern California Indian Arrow Shaft Sharpener
ancient wooden Aleutian doll
Inuit Aleutian Doll
$ 1,400.00
Lower Paleolithic Pick
rare Mesolithic English tool collection
Sioux Indian Pemmican Pounder
Chinese Axe of black stone
a sioux indian gun barrel hide scraper and a dance wand

Two sections in painted wood from a pectoral collar

African Ekonda Congo Cuff
Coastal Ramu New Guinea spear
New Hebrides Bared spear

395 results

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