Bhairava: Red

Bhairava: Red

On special exhibit through August 17th, 2013 at Hamill Gallery, Boston, is Bhairava, a group exhibition of 250 photos taken in India during a 5000 kilometer road trip.

The photos have been organized online by reference to their principal colors, red, yellow, blue, etc. Here we post photos from the Red selection.

All photos copyright Hamill Gallery 2013.

For further information:


 Boopathy Jayaraman Red 01


Boopathy Jayaraman Red 02



Boopathy Jayaraman Red 03



Boopathy Jayaraman Red 04



Boopathy Jayaraman Red 05


Gajendra Subramanyam Red 02



Gajendra Subramanyam Red 01



Alex Pla Delmulle Red 02



Gajendra Subramanyam Red 04


Gajendra Subramanyam Red 03


Bobbi Hamill Red 01


Tim Hamill Red 02


Tim Hamill Red 03



Tim Hamill Red 04



Tim Hamill Red 05


Tim Hamill Red 06



Tim Hamill Red 07



Tim Hamill Red 08


Tim Hamill Red 09


Susan Burbidge Red 01


Alex Pla Delmulle Red 03


Alex Pla Delmulle Red 01 



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