a/k/a A Fetish by Bobbi Hamill

We are pleased to present a/k/a an original fetish by Bobbi Hamill, complementing the photos posted on site last month.

16 in high x 12 in wide x 11 in deep
wood, glass, chicken wire, beads and special beads...

Hamill is associated with Hamill Gallery and MarkMaker Press, Boston, which collaborated to produce the photographic show "Bhairava", an exhibition of photos from India.

"Surface Tension"
Bobbi Hamill
We are pleased to present a selection of photos from the series "Surface Tension" by Bobbi Hamill, associated with Hamill Tribal Gallery and MarkMaker Press, Boston. In these works, Hamill continues her exploration of the intersection of light and surface.
All photos copyright Bobbi Hamill, 2013
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