3 Early Northern Plains Indian Dance Wands

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I. A dance wand with a large, hardstone head with hail marks. Wooden shaft extensively beaded with green and pink beads, with some loss of beads, and adorned with copper twining at handle with sinew and hand constructed metal tassels. A band of trimmed buffalo or deerskin with original and rare red pigment encircles the stone ball head. Extensive and seemingly random splash indentations markings on the stone head, representing hail spots. An important piece, likely connected with rainmaking, weather and the power of the skies. Crow Indian, circa 1900. Collected Hardin, Montana. Overall excellent condition. Beadwork and copper twining intact, if fragile. No chips on stone head. All original.

42 cm (16 1/2" long). Stone head 10 cm" (4 ") Diameter. 28 cm (11") circumference

II. A dance wand with unusual disc design, two opposing flat stone surfaces on a single circular head. Exceedingly difficult to craft disc in stone work. Stone is well patinated and appears to have some subtle etching. Circled with white, green, red, black and blue beadings. A long wood shaft, with a piece of sinew stitched along its surface. Pre-1900. Lakota (Sioux) Indian. Excellent condition. A tiny, old chip showing original patination of old stone at base of one stone surface.

66 cm ( 26") long. Stone head 9 cm (3 1/2") Diameter x 27 cm (10 1/2") circumference.

III. A dance wand with an elongated egg- shaped stone head. the stone head extensively decorated with meticulous peck marks. A stone piece pecked and decorated with extreme care. Interestingly there is no bead work, the Indian evidently believing that no other decoration was required. A long wooden handle, wrapped with stitched sinew. Indigenous opening at base of handle for suspension. Collected 1920's. From Sioux/Crow/Blackfoot. Ex. John Meister Collection, South Dakota. Excellent condition. No chips.

54 cm (21 ") long. Stone 19 cm (7 1/2") long x 7.5 cm (3")

The three dance wands, each rare, together a very fine grouping of Plains Indian material.


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