5 Inuit Trade Utensils Engraved

$ 1,500.00

Four Inuit bone spoons, together with a small awl blade, with engravings on each handle. Various totems, and a depiction of an Eskimo whaling expedition on the reverse of the awl. The bone for these utensils likely came from Europe as trade items. These were then worked on by Eskimos, intended for sale. They carry the full spirit of Eskimo tradition and legend, and occupy an important place in the long history of Inuit art. Were these designs on canvas, they would perhaps have been sooner recognized for the fine art they represent. Circa early 1900's.

Lengths: 4.75 in. - 3.75 in. / 12 cm. - 9.5 cm. 
Combined Weight: 12 g.

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