A Sioux Indian Gun Barrel Hide Scraper And A Dance Wand

$ 1,200.00

A Sioux Indian buffalo hide scraper made of the plugged barrel of a discarded rifle. The scraper’s end widened into a fan shaped tool. Displaying an old tag, and mounted on a custom stand. Together with a Sioux Indian dance wand with a horn finiale and a wooden handle with extensive burnt in pokerwork design. Sinew wrapping securing the horn to the handle. Both 19th century, dating to the “War Years”.
Sioux Dance Wand
Length: 40.5 cm/16 in
Width: 30.5 cm/ 12 in

Gun Barrel Hide Scraper
length: 30.5 cm / 12 in
weight: 0.75 cm / 1 lb 10 oz

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