Aboriginal Transitional Chisel

$ 600.00

An aboriginal trade chisel from Central Australia. This is an adaptation by aboriginals of the traditional native chisel, the "tula." The traditional chisel, with the arching shape of this piece, often held significance beyond utilitarian use. The present example has a metal file blade mounted to a piece of hardwood with spinifex resin and copper wire. The wooden portion shows evidence of use for fire tending. The copper wire was likely salvaged from old telegraph wire. The file would have been a desirable trade item to peoples until then exposed only to stone tools. A unique piece in an area of collection which is now amongst the most interesting. A favorite of ours.

Weight: 650 g / 1 lb 6 oz
Length: 63.5 cm / 25 in
Width: 6 cm / 2.5 in
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