African Lega Congo Stool



An old Lega stool with glossy patina from the Congo. Four sculpted columns supporting the base and the worn, well patinated seat. These stools were personal to the owner. They were not transferred or traded, so intimately associated were they with the person for whom they were made. The size of the stool was often in relation to the importance of the owner. This stool is in good condition, though worn with age, and has evidence overall of old worm wear to the surfaces, and a crack and small chip along the base, now entirely stable. An old collection number on side. This piece, and its rarity is of a different order than most stools seen elsewhere in Africa. From a Dutch collection of fine African material. Circa late 19th, early 20th century. Rare.

Height: 15 cm / 6 in
Diameter: 25 cm / 9 ¾ in

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