African Lugbara Mom's Hat


A thickly woven rain hat worn by women of Lugbara and Mangbetu tribes, Congo and Uganda. Extraordinary, tight weaving, as complex as any basket with a rounded knobbed crown at top. Covered with beeswax for waterproofing. This hat was worn by a mother who placed her small child under the protruding back for protection from the sun and elements. According to African Forms, Marc Ginsberg, 2000, these hats may have also been used in initation rites and reflect the influence of neighboring pygmy forest dwellers who fabricate similar headgear out of folded leaves as protecton against rain.Good condition with area of wear and loss on rim. Dark brown encrusted patina. Circa 1920-1950. Comes with a custom metal stand designed and constructed by Amyas Naegele of New York.

Height: 45.5 cm / 18 in
Height with stand: 68.5 cm / 27 in
Width: 26 cm / 10.25
Depth: 43 cm / 17 in

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