African Moba Collection - Moba Shrine Figure #2

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Moba  figures stand as sentinels in front of Togo homes and village entrances, and are also placed on intimate family altars, providing protection for those who respect them.  Traditionally Tchitcheri could only be birthed by individuals whose fathers were diviners, the carving considered a highly delicate operation, requiring special prayers and precautions for these ritually charged objects. Many of the Mobas presented here have seen years of exposure, and as they have weathered became more highly valued in the culture. In their minimalist aesthetic, these Mobas merge the best of the "primitive" and the post-contemporary.



A very old Moba shrine figure (Tchitcheri Sakwa) from Togo, W. Africa. This is a very large and heavy Moba protective/shrine figure. Tchitcheri can only be fashioned by individuals whose father are diviners. Carving Tchitcheri is considered a highly delicate operation, requiring special prayers and precautions for those who create such ritually charged objects. This is a weathered piece with wood now dark, and eroded from age, the elements reshaping portions of the large, rounded head. There is a well done and pronounced grooved collar as seen on many older pieces. In these very old Mobas, loss is to be expected and only add character. Now stable, though arms are fragile. Pieces of this size and age have become very difficult to source in the field or international market. Overall good condition. A very rare piece.

Weight: 21.45 kilos / 47 lbs 4 oz
Height: 133.5 cm / 52.5 in
Width: 22 cm / 9 in

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