Balinese God + Goddess: World Of Love

$ 3,500.00
A superb Balinese painting in gouache on linen canvas. God and Goddess, perhaps Sita and Rama, survey a world of love in a circle of harmony. This painting was purchased from a senior Balinese painter visiting Los Angeles, circa 1980. The work is seemingly unsigned, the painter's full name not recorded at the time. Such was the painter's modesty and affection for his homeland that he apparently identified himself only as "Batuan", which is in fact a Balinese village known for its traditional religious paintings. "Batuan" was honored as a respected painter by Balinese accompanying him, understandable given the skill in the present painting's execution. Perhaps further research might allow a firm attribution. An expert with many years of travel and stay in Bali viewed this painting and commented in part, "Some artists signed their work. Many did not. This beautiful painting is in the style of the villages of Batuan and Penosekan. Famous artists such as Lempad have lived in this area. Traditional religious paintings, which tend to be flat in dimension, are usually derived from Hindu myths, Hindu gods, demons, and princesses, scenes of the cosmic world. Bali's cultivation system and its astounding fertility have given the Balinese the leisure to develop their arts for centuries. There is still no word for "artist." European artists such as Walter Spies and Rudolph Bonnet were instrumental in creating the 1935 painters' coooperative, Pita Maha in Bali. The circular form of this Balinese painting is very interesting and unique." An excellent work, painted with great care and imagination. Presented in a custom wooden frame.

Size in frame: 94 cm (37 in) x 94 cm (37 in)

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