Bobo, Burkina Faso Heddle Pulley

$ 3,500.00
A Bobo Heddle Pulley from Burkina Faso. This piece is diminutive and concentrated in power. Extensive scarification on face, native repairs evidencing the value the owner placed on this piece and the desire to hold it together.
These pulleys were used to run thread from the top to bottom of looms, and to provide distraction and inspiration to the weaver. 
On a custom museum stand.

Height:4.25in. / 10.7cm. 
Ex. Renaud Vanuxem, Paris
Exhibited and illustrated in catalogue "Poulies/Pulleys" Exhibit, Parcours des Mondes, Paris, September 2015. Also illustrated in the book "Poulies/Pulleys" Galerie Renaud Vanuxem, Paris.
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