Early Himalayan Animist Middle Hills Mask, Nepal

$ 2,500.00

A beaufitful old wooden mask from Nepal’s west. Deep patina, strong angular lines contrasting with curved carving of eyes, brow and mouth. This would have been a power mask invoking healing or other spirits. Good condition with age cracks, now stable, running below the cheeks. Late 19th century to early 20th century. Authentic, well carved old Himalyan masks are now recognized as equal companions of the great masking traditions of other continents, including Africa. Because of inherent scarcity and civil strife of recent years, quality pieces have become increasingly rare and difficult to source. Mounted on a custom museum stand. 

length: 28cm. / 11in.
width: 16.5cm. / 6.5in.
weight: 0.60kg. / 1lb. 6oz.

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