Important Bamun Thrones

$ 10,000.00

A pair of extraordinary hardwood Bamun, N.W. Cameroon, W. Africa thrones. Each with intricate carvings on the feet, supports, back and arms. Foot supports wich retract for transport on each. Thrones such as these would only have been used by the most important members of the Bamun Kingdom, certainly royalty or of royal clan. These were field collected and stored in a vault in the American Southwest for more than fifty years. They likely date to the period of German or French colonial rule circa 1890-1930. Exceptional individually, very rare as a matching pair.

Dimensions of each chair:
Height: 113 cm / 44.5 in
Depth: 69 cm / 27.5 in
Width: 71 cm / 28 in
Foot rests: 21.5 cm / 8.5 in

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