Liberian Shaman's Ring

$ 3,800.00

Category African, country: Liberia, object type "currency" and "metal work" and "copper"

A Lobi, Ghana (from where the Lobi people early originated) or Ivory Coast, altar ring. This very thick, heavy, bronze ring has three figures, all bound, in bold relief along the outside of the piece. This was almost surely a shrine object used by a Lobi sorcerer. The bound figures could refer to protection, as to the binding of evil spirits. Extensive and deep strike marks on the top surface suggest that the sorcerer would have struck the piece when asking the gods for protection, averting curses, or making ritual libation. This is a very unusual piece. Heavy patination and verdigris.  Unique.

4750 grams/10 lbs 4 oz

width: 16.5 cm / 6.5 in

depth: 5.5 cm / 2.25 in

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