Naga Headhunter Blow Dart Case, And Two Brass Naga Wristlets

$ 1,800.00

A fine Naga headhunter blow dart case made of a bamboo tube with attached wicker basket, and carrying strap decorated with cowrie shells. Deep patina on surfaces, fine weaving in case. Fine condition, with small hole to bamboo tube. Collected Burmese border 1982, but dating to the 1930's or 40's.

Together with two elegant Naga, NE India headhunting culture brass wristlets made by lost wax casting process. These pieces display superb, if different, repetitive geometric motifs between multiple raised bands. Similar wristlets are depicted on page 261 of Cambridge University scholar Julian Jacob's classic The Nagas, Hill People of NE India, Thames & Hudson, London, 1990, in which he identifies these as belonging to the Konyak region of Nagaland. The larger piece is intact with a wear hole and crack. The smaller wristet has a small age crack at its base. Circa late 19th century or before.

length: blow dart case: 50 cm/ 20 in
height wristlet 1: 11 cm/ 4 1/2 in
diamter wristlet 1 at base: 7 cm/ 2 3/4 in
height wristlet 2: 9.5 cm/ 3 3/4 in
diamter wristlet 2 at base: 6.5 cm/ 2 1/2 in

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