Native American Shasta Burden Basket


A very large twined burden basket, Shasta/Achumawi/Pit River, Northeastern California. Conical form, starting from a conifer root base, tight diagonal weave, with an overall zig zag meander dark band through the center of the body and three separate areas near the rim representing "quail plumes" design motif. Parallel bankd in different weaving techniques at overcast rim wrapped in redbud. Damage from native wear/use at base of cone, and breaks in stitch within negative portion of rim, fragile. As these work baskets were mostly overlooked by early collectors, they are now rare. From the Wright Family Collection, for whom Wrightwood, California is named. Circa 1900.
Height: 58 cm / 23 in
Width: 56 cm / 22 in
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