New Guinea Huon Gulf Splash Board



Huon Gulf, Tami Island, New Guinea canoe panel. A splashboard from the floor of an ocean-going canoe. Featuring what appears to be a stylized Crocodile finial, and a curved band of incised "sawtooth" decoration at bottom framed by slender incised triangles. (Pointed triangular ears like these are sometimes seen on masks and figures from the regions). Made of dark hardwood, with old and beautiful green trade paint. Shows wear and use with rub marks where the splash board was lashed to the canoe through the four pierced holes. Inventory numbers on the back side. Pre-1940. Fabulous piece of sculpture—another New Guinea utilitarian object with high aesthetic. Mounted on a custom museum stand. Ex. Michael Aulisio-David Rosenthal, San Fransisco. 

Length: 58 cm / 22.75 in
Width: 31 cm / 12.25 in

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