Pre-Columbian Mapuche Chile Stone Pipe

$ 2,000.00

A Mapuche pipe, of grey, volcanic stone, Chile. Masterwork of early stone technology, carved from one piece of hardstone. The Mapuche were the only culture that did not succumb to the Inca, who only managed to stay in Arica, the area from which the pipe comes, for about half a century. In a remarkable state of preservation, as seen amongst many artifacts and ancient textiles coming from the high, dry Andes environment. Circa 1200-1400 AD. Excellent condition. On a custom stand.

Ex. Kramer Galleries, Buenos Aires; Neil Becker, NY.

10.25 in. x 2 in. / 26 cm. x 5.08 cm // 12 oz. / 350 g.

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