Primary One - Field Garthwaite

$ 3,000.00

Chromogenic Print: 11” x 14

Framed: 15” x 19


Field Garthwaite lives and works in Los Angeles where he splits time between his studio work and his office at IRIS.TV, an AI and Video Programming technology he created.

A multi-media artist, Field Garthwaite draws comparisons between his collage, photography, and installation work to Montage. The psychological effects of motion picture were first explored by Eisenstein, Pudovkin and Russian constructivists whose film theory first defined horizontal (moving images) and vertical (sound film) montage. Today Multi-Media Montage has a new and more complex effect upon the viewer; media has saturated nearly every waking moment of our society. Commercial marketing and mainstream media have long lasting psychological effects, subconscious in nature, that are poorly understood by creators and audiences.

The artist’s collage work, which he refers to as “Montages”, are a form of recycling, re-use and re-appropriation of commercial images—which are thrown out after each fashion cycle or forgotten after receiving "likes" and "shares" digitally. The re-appropriation and recycling of these images is a commentary upon the photo-saturated culture that we live in. By re-appropriating these forms it leaves the viewer with a new meaning, an abstraction in contrast with the original intentions of the commercial work. 

The artist believes Slow Media is a solution to the acceleration of media creation, formats and devices. His photography, use of film, and chromogenic hand prints emphasizes the physicality of a medium facing extinction with subject matter embodying themes of wabi-sabi and entropy. 

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