Female Moba
Female Moba
Female Moba

Female Moba

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Female Moba, 

Moba figures stand as sentinels in front of Togo homes and village entrances, and are also placed on intimate family altars, providing protection for those who respect them. Traditionally Tchitcheri could only be birthed by individuals whose fathers were diviners, the carving considered a highly delicate operation, requiring special prayers and precautions for these ritually charged objects. The female Moba presented here, has seen years of exposure, and has weathered, becoming highly valued in the culture. In their minimalist aesthetic, Mobas merge the best of the "primitive" and the post-contemporary.
This figure is unusually large, heavy, and old. Female representations of Moba are particularly rare. We estimate this Moba to be late 19th century or earlier. 
On custom museum metal mount.
The female: 106 cm/45 inches high x 26 cm/10 1/2 inches wide

Weight without stand: 14.15 kg / 31 lbs 4 oz