Two Naga Headhunter, Ne India Loincloths


Two fine Naga loincloths from Nagaland, headhunting culture area, NE India. The first a striped grey cloth profusely decorated with small shells in a rectangular pattern. In the center a brass penis cover. Great patina on shells, signs of age on surface brass piece. Circa late 19th century.
The second a polychrome weaving with circular and x form shapes, held by a long blue strap. A brass plate in center and bells and tassels at fringe. Good condition with considerable wear. Circa 1890-1920.

length loincloth 1: 43 cm /17 in
width loincloth 1: 18 cm/ 7 in
diameter brass cover 1: 15 cm/ 6 in

length loincloth 2 without strap: 25 cm/ 10 in
width loincloth 2: 16.5 cm/ 61/2 in
diameter brass cover: 6 cm/ 2 1/2 in


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