Very Tall West African Ceremonial Drum

$ 6,500.00
An enormous ceremonial drum from West Africa, possibly from Cameroon or the Ivory Coast. Several large decorations carved in relief, including two chiefs, a sword, and an elephant with trunk raised. Four pegs with faces at terminals serving to tighten the drum head, and attached with native twine. Good surface wear. One of four legs has detached with considerable depredation towards base. The leather drum head intact if not tight. Otherwise intact, wood stable, and in good condition. This piece would have been an important ceremonial drum that could have only been possessed by a King or important chieftain. Circa mid-20th century or before. The largest we have handled, and unusual even in museum and ethnomusicology collections.

Height: 212 cm / 83.5 in
Diameter: 42 cm / 16.5 in

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